Diforti Group

Diforti family, four generations of unparalleled quality, creativity and taste.

Sicilian family company Diforti Group produces, selects and distributes the highest quality antipasti, sauces, and other Mediterranean delicacies to restaurants, delicatessens and individuals across Italy, the UK, Europe and the UAE.

The Diforti family hails from Caltanissetta in Sicily, where great-grandfather Luigi Diforti first began producing and selling olives and antipasti to local villagers in the 1870s. Today, the Diforti Group comprises the Diforti, Belforti and Taste of Sicily brands.

Diforti is our retail brand, sharing our gourmet antipasti and olives with high-end food retailers, airlines and cinemas. Taste of Sicily supplies our gourmet antipasti and olives in bulk to deli counters, restaurants and hospitality. Belforti provides high-quality chefs’ ingredients for commercial kitchens and manufacturing.

Brothers Andrea and Carlo Diforti have been running Diforti Group from London since 2005, and over the years, the name has become synonymous with quality and excellence. Over in Sicily, sister Francesca Diforti manages the production of our award-winning pestos, marinated olives, grilled Mediterranean vegetables and other antipasti at our BRC Grade AA-certified site, L’arte degli antipasti s.r.l.

All our original products are prepared in Sicily, ensuring the freshest possible ingredients for the best flavour. We offer bespoke recipes and packaging on request, both wholesale and retail.


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